Php 2000 Budget Guide to Bantayan Island

Broken hearted? Burnt out at work? Or simply just in need of a beach therapy? Bantayan Island in the northern part of Cebu awaits for you!

Long before the release of the Filipino chick flick, Camp Sawi, Bantayan Island has always been one of Cebu’s prime destinations over the years. It may take up to 5 hours getting to this beautiful island, but we tell you: IT’S ALL WORTH IT.

Start your trip early. Begin your quest in the Northern Bus Terminal of Cebu City (near SM Mall). The Ceres bus will take you to Bantayan’s very own bus terminal for only Php 200. The shuttle bus leaves at 12am, 3am and 6am onwards. If you get swamped in traffic, the bus ride may take 6 long hours to Daanbantayan’s port.

Once you reach the seaport in Daanbantayan, all passengers are asked to step down from the bus because the bus will be moved to the ferry first. Meanwhile, the travelers will need to pay the terminal fee of Php 10, and the wharf fare of Php 170. Food stalls are available in the vicinity if you need to eat. Travel time via the ferry is 1hr and 30 minutes.

After you’ve crossed the channel and arrived safely in Bantayan’s bus terminal, take a motorcycle going to your beach resort for Php 20 each.

Sorry naka side view.. Parang nag papicture lang.
Popular accommodations are Kota beach, Budyong, and Sta. Fe. If you’re traveling in big groups or want a budget friendly resort, Budyong is the  best place for you. The nipa huts – fan only can cost as low as Php 800 for two persons with free breakfast.
The famous Kota Beach where the movie “Camp Sawi” was shot.

There are tons of things to do in this beautiful island! If you have a limited time, you may do a swift run around the island for a half a day.


Where to go?
 1. The Millionaire’s Lane
    -Big Mansions are situated in this area, but that is not the highlight. This cliff, a picturesque view with turquoise waters underneath is the main attraction. The beach beneath this cliff is such a beauty, better bring your swimwear because the water will surely be inviting.
Photo sesh during sundown. How much more if this photo was taken during midday? Pretty awesome, right??


2.  Mangrove Park
     – The admission fee is Php 50. You will enjoy some quite time with mother nature as you trek through the bamboo walk. At the end of the trail are small huts where you can enjoy the relaxing view that it has to offer. It’s an absolutely suitable place for a picnic. There is a small restaurant where you can order food which opens at 9am. If it is in high tide, you may kayak around the vast mangrove plantation for Php 200.


3. St. Peter & Paul Parish Church
    -Appreciate the old architecture of this church built in 1580 AD.


4. Fish Market
      – You can not miss to buy some affordable dried fish. This place right here is one of the major suppliers of all the dried fish in your local store.

5. Kota Park
      -No admission fee. Catch the romantic sunset at the bay walk.


6. Sto. Nino Cave Pool
       -Admission fee is Php 100. This place has its own restaurant whenever you feel famished.

If you decide to swim in this gigantic pool, just add another Php 100 to your list.


Experience a unique foot spa by your friendly fish friends for Php 100


7. MJ Square
    -A place where most tourist dine and drink. A wide range of cuisines will be available for your cravings.

The only drink you will ever need for the rest of the night. A must-try!


8. Enjoy the long beach sitting outside your doorstep.
    Yes, all day baby!


Insider Tips:
  • You can rent a boat and visit two islands near the area. A chartered boat will cost Php 1000 excluding entrance fees.
  • Rent a bike and enjoy the quiet rural life of this beautiful island. One day rent is for Php 150.
  • Go to this local Filipino restaurant where there’s a live band every night.
  • Find a motorcycle driver that will take you to these tourist spots mentioned. We got a deal for
  • Php 500 good for two persons. Find Kuya Eddie 0933-013-6812.
  • If you have a pretty big extra cash, why not go skydiving? For Php 20, 000.
  • For budget-friendly eats,  you can buy barbeques along the streets.
  • To cap it off, after dark go to the beach and star gaze with a booze in tow. If you’re in luck, you might witness a shooting star, one more reason to love Bantayan Island!


   Written by your Amiga,

                                                                                                                Arra Concepcion Porticos




















































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