Buckle Up! Double Your Adventure In Cebu

Itching for an adventure yet having second thoughts that all those places you  have in mind are all too far? Worried that your feet may not be ready to brave the long trails? Well, this might be the perfect destination for you!

The Osmeña Peak and Kawasan Falls in Cebu

How to get there?

From the South Bus Terminal in Cebu City, ride a bus to Carcar City as early as you can. The travel time is approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes for a 60 Php fare. You may also opt for a van that costs 100 Php. The vans are stationed at a different terminal near San Carlos University.

Before your adventure begins, make a quick stop at Carcar for these juicy, crunchy, freshly roasted lechon!  You can’t miss this goodness! I repeat, YOU CAN NOT MISS THIS!

Stop at Carcar’s public market and find your way inside to the lechon stalls. Don’t be overwhelmed but yes, every booth offers free tasting! How cool is that?


Photo 03-05-2017, 8 33 30 AM

The prices are fixed for all vendors, so you just need to find the perfect one that matches your taste. Buy some lechon and puso (hanging rice) for lunch.

Another must-buy in this humble city are the originally-made chicharons (pork rinds), which are to die for! You will find yourself chewing these crispy rinds until you get to the last piece.

Buy at MatMat’s chicharon, it’s the perfect pasalubong for your family and friends!

After you get hold of the treasures I mentioned (😉),  ride a bus that is bound for Oslob or Bato/Santander just across the public market, and ask to be dropped off at the Dalaguete junction. Dalaguete is an hour and twenty minutes away from Carcar City, and bus fare is 75 Php. When you arrive at Dalaguete’s town proper, many habal-habal (motorcycle) drivers will enthusiastically offer you their services. Haggle for the best offer! We got a deal for 500 Php each that would take us to Osmeña Peak and Kawasan Falls

Before you start your trail at Osmeña Peak, an environmental fee of 15-30 Php is collected at the public assistance office. The track is just a short one, but nonetheless the view is magnificent! Average time to reach the summit is 30 minutes.

This is your view before you start the trail. The public assistance center on the far right

After the sun-blazed walk from the peak, it is best to cool down in Kawasan Falls of Badian. Going to Badian is a two-hour motorbike ride from Dalaguete. It’s quite a long travel, but worry not because you will enjoy your time with its scenic route. Make sure to put on sunscreen, though!

When you reach the entrance point of Kawasan, you will need to do a 15-minute walk to reach the base of the falls.


Photo 03-05-2017, 1 35 37 PM
Enjoy your walk with these beautiful sceneries
In Kawasan, an admission fee is collected for 30 Php, and tables are rented for 300 – 500 Php. There are stores within the area where you can buy drinks and foods.

Kawasan falls has three levels that every tourist can explore. The first level has got the largest body of water among the three. However, if you want a less-crowded scene, go further to the second and third level.

These falls have an unbelievably luminescent turquoise color!

Photo 03-05-2017, 2 53 05 PM (1)

Photo 03-05-2017, 2 03 29 PM
Photo 03-05-2017, 3 05 02 PM NEW
On the top most of the photo, the boys are in line to do some serious cliff diving


For a full experience, ride the bamboo raft to try the “shower massage” under the falling water for a price of 400-500 Php
Photo 03-05-2017, 2 52 52 PM

Overall, this journey might have been a long one but it wasn’t really difficult nor exhausting. It is an experience that is definitely good for the heart that yearns for a great fusion of travel and adventure.


Written by your Amiga,

Arra Concepcion Porticos


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