Malapascua: A Travel Guide for Beginners

Whether you’re weekend warrior-ing with friends or traveling solo, there’s one place we have in mind where you can make every minute of your vacation count!

In the northern tip of Cebu, lies this island known far and wide as a mecca for open water divers; an island teeming with rich marine life and perhaps the only place in the world where one can encounter thresher sharks.

But did you know that it is equally an impeccable destination for non-divers? Yes, its boundless beauty can be enjoyed by all, especially if you’re the type of traveler who seeks for an island that exudes an unassertive, laid back vibe –Malapascua is the place to be.

Beautiful even without filters.


How to Get to Malapascua Island

North Bus Terminal to Maya Port

Now, how to get there.  Wherever you may be, take a flight or a ferry ride to Cebu. Then, find your way to the North Bus Terminal in Subangdaku, Mandaue City, approximately 30 minutes from Mactan International Airport , 10 minutes from Cebu City’s seaport. (Note: There are no ATMs available in Malapascua, so it is best to withdraw cash first while you’re in the city)

Buses and vans are available as early as 3 in the morning. Fare ranges from 160-200 Php. Look for a bus or van going to Maya Port in Daanbantayan,  the jump off point to Malapascua. It’s going to be one heck of a trip, so you might want to have your stomach full, or better yet, bring some munchies and bottled drinks.

Getting from the North Bus Terminal to Maya Port usually takes 3-4 hours. For a less-hassle trip, we suggest that you take the earliest trip possible.  It wouldn’t be easy catching a boat ride from Maya Port going to Malapascua beyond 4 pm or else you will have to wait for the next trip the day after or bite the bullet and pay a hefty amount of 1500-2500 Php for a special trip.

Small, big and big big.


Maya Port to Malapascua Island

Maya Port does have two docking points, they refer to these as the Old and New Port. The bus or van driver will take you to whichever port that has outrigger boats that cater to tourists and locals bound for Malapascua Island. Fare costs 80-100 Php per head, depending on the barker’s asking price.

During low tide, the outrigger boats can’t unload its passenger near the shore. As an aim to protect the corals, passengers are being transferred to a paddle boat or a dinghy. Fare costs 20 Php per head.

Of paddle boats and shallow waters.

Travel time from Maya Port to Malapascua Island is 30-40 minutes, depending on the sea condition. 


Around Malapascua


360 Island Tour

You don’t have to be a diver in order to appreciate Malapascua. In fact, there are other activities you can do while on the island.

Arrange a boat tour that will take you to some interesting spots around Malapascua. We highly recommend Kuya JB to arrange this particular tour. You may contact him at 0926-516-7712.

For a minimum of 3 pax, tour rate starts at 350 Php, inclusive of a tour guide. Note that there are no refreshments or bottled drinks available on this tour. To keep you hydrated, it would be best if you could bring lots of bottled water on board.

This tour’s itinerary involves snorkeling at the Coral Garden and at the sunken site of a World War II Japanese ship .

Cliff jumping can only be done during high tide and IF you can muster the courage to do so.


Lovingly observing God’s beautiful creation –I’m talking about these corals! Lol.


#SnorkelingGameStrong at Coral Garden


Good things come to those who cliff jump this high. Lol.


When I say jump, you say ‘how high’?


Eerily beautiful.



Beach Bumming

Malapascua also has its own share of turquoise goodness: Bounty Beach in the southern part of the island, Logon Beach at the barrio proper, Guimbitayan Beach fronting Malapascua’s lighthouse in the west, and a personal favorite: Langub Beach in the north, where you can simply laze on its white sand while enjoying the spectacular scenery.

Bounty and Logon beaches can be reached by foot, since most accommodations are situated in these areas.

Guimbitayan and Langub beaches, on the other hand, can be reached through a habal-habal  or motorcycle ride. Round trip fare ranges from 75-100 Php per head, this should cover both beaches.


If Bounty Beach were a Mean Girl, it’d be Regina George! Famous, yet not really the prettiest.



As Gretchen Weiners would put it, “That’s so fetch!” Logon Beach is truly inviting.


FullSizeRender (2)
The postcard-perfect Guimbitayan Beach.


FullSizeRender (1)
So hard to put into words why I love Langub Beach so much.


Kalanggaman Day Tour

When you’re done with all these activities, take a day tour to the picturesque Kalanggaman Island in Palompon, Leyte, the following day. A joiner’s tour costs 800 Php per head, inclusive of lunch and a round trip boat ride. Additional fee of 150 Php will be collected for the island’s entrance fee; 500 Php for foreign tourists.

Can we all take a second to just marvel in its beauty?


A powdery runway.


Beautiful even from afar.





Fascinatingly raw.



If there is magic in this planet, it is contained in water.


Immaculate white sands and endless blues. What a sight to behold!


Insider Tips:

  • Also, make it a point to drop by Ocean Vida between 4-6 pm, to take advantage of their happy hour specials.
OCEAN VIDA bar. Cocktails, beers, while witnessing the setting sun, why not?
  • For your pizza fix (the best on the island!) go to Angelina Pasta and Pizza fronting Logon Beach.
  • Cheap eats at Ging Ging’s Flower Garden and Restaurant, food is good but the serving time could be a problem, though.
  • Value for money accommodations: Mike and Diose’s Beach Cottages, Cocobana’s non-a/c huts (this resort has a pool), Little Mermaid, Blue Coral Resort
Sea view from Mike and Diose’s Beach Cottage, located in the far east side of Bounty Beach.
  • The tip of Kalanggaman’s sandbar is deemed as a no swim zone. Its current is undeniably strong; you might want to think twice before taking a dip on this area.



Written by your Amiga,

Nayz Cabading


































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