Around Cebu City in 6 Hours

Looking for a quick day tour around Cebu City? We’ve made an itinerary to keep you abreast of what is new in the Queen City of the South!

For a cheaper and less hassle tour, we recommend that you rent a car rather than taking a cab to get you to these recommended destinations below. The price ranges from P1, 500 for a half-day tour to P3, 000 for a whole day usage. This comes with a driver, of course. We can recommend a legit driver, just ask us for the contact number. We’ll be happy to share it!

First stop: Temple of Leah. It is located in Busay, a highland area in Cebu City, around 30-40 minutes away from Lahug, where the IT Business Park is situated. It is a mausoleum of the late grandmother of Ellen Adarna – Philippine TV actress and an Instagram favorite. Mrs. Leah Adarna died in 2012 from cancer; her husband built this Roman-inspired temple as a testament of his love for her.

I’ve never been to Athens, but it sure does leave a Parthenon feels.



viber image4

viber image3

Some men will engrave your name on a tree, some men will build you a temple. The simple gestures or the grandest acts are only for one reason alone- to make his woman happy.

viber image

The entrance fee is P50. There are particular spots in the temple that is still under construction, but rest assured it won’t hinder you from enjoying the overlooking view of the metro, and take Instagram-worthy photos of the grand statues and majestic columns of the temple.


Second stop: Sirao Flower Garden, which is around 30 minutes away from the Temple of Leah. There are two owned flower gardens within the locality, so be sure to check out which of these farms has a better array of flowers that are in full blossom.

Entrance fee is P50. It is mostly filled with Celosia flowers that make a perfect opportunity for photo-ops to flash those OOTDs. Should you feel hungry, there are sweet corns and fruits you can buy from the local vendors. Flowers and a variation of seedlings are also being sold there.

viber image2
Like wild berries! Yum!
viber image1
Your perfect backdrop!
Use #Sirao in a sentence? *insert a wink emoji*



Third stop: 10, 000 Roses in Cordova, Mactan. Considering the distance and traffic, it took us two hours to get there. If you need something to nibble while getting caught in traffic, we highly suggest you go for a drive thru at your preferred fast food chain available in Lahug area.

Cool breeze, city lights, coffee- to-go and 10, 000 roses that glow.

It would be best to visit the 10,000 Roses park at night, for you to witness the roses lit up.  Once you arrive in Cordova, there are habal-habal drivers that offer a ride to the park’s entrance. You can skip that and enjoy a 5-10 minute stroll in the bay walk, instead.

Admission fee is P20. This may sound cheesy but the roses seem like little stars planted on the ground.


A café is located at the edge of the park where you can adore the scenic skyline of Cebu City. Aside from the coffee shop, you can opt for Lantaw Floating Restaurant, which is located outside the rose garden. It is a cozy grill where you can enjoy the rest of the night with some authentic seafood cuisines for P180-450 per dish.


                                                                Written by your Amiga,

                                                               Arra Concepcion Porticos


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