Boracay’s Unspoiled Sister

It's a fact: at any given time, Boracay welcomes thousands of visitors. With the island's ultra-fine sand, turquoise waters, variety of dining options and crazy parties, Boracay has everything visitors/tourists need for a vacation. During summer, Boracay hits its "super peak season" with record breaking number of visitors and of course the famous and (infamous)… Continue reading Boracay’s Unspoiled Sister

Malapascua: A Travel Guide for Beginners

Whether you're weekend warrior-ing with friends or traveling solo, there's one place we have in mind where you can make every minute of your vacation count! In the northern tip of Cebu, lies this island known far and wide as a mecca for open water divers; an island teeming with rich marine life and perhaps… Continue reading Malapascua: A Travel Guide for Beginners

Around Cebu City in 6 Hours

Looking for a quick day tour around Cebu City? We’ve made an itinerary to keep you abreast of what is new in the Queen City of the South! For a cheaper and less hassle tour, we recommend that you rent a car rather than taking a cab to get you to these recommended destinations below. The… Continue reading Around Cebu City in 6 Hours

Exploring the other gems of North Palawan

The laidback and unassuming beauty of North Palawan beyond the karsts and beaches of El Nido. In the past 5 years, El Nido has been in the list of the world's best beaches and islands. El Nido's towering karsts, turquoise waters and white-sand beaches lure thousands of tourists every year. For 2014 alone, El Nido… Continue reading Exploring the other gems of North Palawan